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It’s EASY to Soak and Dehydrate Nuts


Soaking and dehydrating nuts is EASY and it makes them more digestible since anti-nutrients are neutralized and enzyme inhibitors are eliminated.  If you are like many of my clients, you have no clue what the significance is of what I just said.  So another way of saying this is, unless you soak nuts, you will block mineral uptake, and this totally defeats the purpose of trying to eat nuts for nutrient density.

A surprising plus of proper nut preparation is that the process takes out the bitterness in taste making nuts taste incredibly sweet and delicious, which is what they are supposed to taste like.  I’d soak and dehydrate nuts solely for this culinary taste improvement truth be told.  Clients do too after they sample them.  I am always amazed to see what the filtered water looks like after a soak.  Someday I’ll do a lab analysis, and we’ll learn what actually is in that yuck.  One thing I do know, nuts blow up in size by the end of the soaking period leaving no doubt that they have absorbed the salt soaking medium:

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How-To Dehydrate Apples & Preserve the Enzymes, EASY

SUMMARY:   Learn Why and HOW to  dehydrate apples & preserve the enzymes: Properly dehydrating apples at low temperature preserves maximum nutritional density and natural live enzymes  since you can use apples picked seasonally and locally at their peak of ripeness.

Dehydrate Apples and Preserving Live Enzymes

My directions incorporate the Excalibur-9-Tray-Digital-Controller-Dehydrator-76970-User-Manual.pdf,  Raw and Living Food Guidelines, Excalibur Dehydration Guide, which explains how to dehydrate apples & preserve the enzymes: 

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Food Managing IBD & AUTISM: The Studies

SUMMARY:  Anytime food choices turns around chronic disease with studies that prove such, that should be an eye opener!  Implementing principles of such diets should be considered for anyone wanting to prevent or manage chronic disease.  This post presents studies for Food Managing IBD & AUTISM, where dietary protocols achieved remission and management (with reduction, if not elimination of medication) for autoimmune IBD , or positively altered the course of autism.

HOW?  Diet can optimize (or modulate) the gut microbiome which is the source of 80 – 85 percent of our immunity:  

The “1st International Symposium on the Microbiome in Health and Disease with a Special Focus on Autism,” July 2014: “the microbiome refers to the constellation of enteric bacteria that create an organ system that makes up 80% of our immune system...

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Microbiome DIET Mechanisms Prevent or Manage Disease (Focus: SCD & IBD)

Summary: Watch the short video to learn why most of your immunity resides in your gut. Then read about predictive autoimmunity in preventative medicine; the role of gut permeability, and disease, as well as how autoimmunity may contribute to cardiovascular disease risk, and the role of antibodies in unexplained miscarriages. The pearl is have a healthy gut which is your first-line immune defense. To that end, learn what the microbiome diet mechanisms are that prevent or manage disease with a focus on SCD and IBD.

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SCD Managing IBD, RUSH Medical Center

SCD managing IBD is nothing new.   RUSH University Medical Center, Chicago is one facility that extensively studies SCD and IBD.

I am now aware of two studies RUSH  intends to publish by the end of 2014. The first is to identify “characteristics common for those for whom SCD works to manage IBD.”  My contact was not allowed to share at this time what the second study’s content will be.

RUSH is not alone however in the study of SCD and IBD; I have written extensively on the science of SCD success here:

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