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It’s EASY to Soak and Dehydrate Nuts


Soaking and dehydrating nuts is EASY and it makes them more digestible since anti-nutrients are neutralized and enzyme inhibitors are eliminated.  If you are like many of my clients, you have no clue what the significance is of what I just said.  So another way of saying this is, unless you soak nuts, you will block mineral uptake, and this totally defeats the purpose of trying to eat nuts for nutrient density.

A surprising plus of proper nut preparation is that the process takes out the bitterness in taste making nuts taste incredibly sweet and delicious, which is what they are supposed to taste like.  I’d soak and dehydrate nuts solely for this culinary taste improvement truth be told.  Clients do too after they sample them.  I am always amazed to see what the filtered water looks like after a soak.  Someday I’ll do a lab analysis, and we’ll learn what actually is in that yuck.  One thing I do know, nuts blow up in size by the end of the soaking period leaving no doubt that they have absorbed the salt soaking medium:

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How-To Dehydrate Apples & Preserve the Enzymes, EASY

SUMMARY:   Learn Why and HOW to  dehydrate apples & preserve the enzymes: Properly dehydrating apples at low temperature preserves maximum nutritional density and natural live enzymes  since you can use apples picked seasonally and locally at their peak of ripeness.

Dehydrate Apples and Preserving Live Enzymes

My directions incorporate the Raw and Living Food Guidelines, Excalibur Dehydration Guide, which explains how to dehydrate apples & preserve the enzymes: 

“One of the most important characteristics of raw foods, is they are easier for your body to digest than cooked food. The enzymes are what make raw foods easier to digest than cooked foods. When food is cooked the enzymes become deactivated by heat. During the digestive process, the natural food enzymes assist your body’s digestive enzymes in breaking down food into digestive proteins. By eating more raw foods, your body does not have to work as
hard to digest the foods, which gives your body more vibrant energy in other areas, making you feel stronger, healthier and happier.
Dehydration is the best way to preserve the essence of raw fruits and vegetables. Dehydrating does not subject foods to the high temperatures associated with cooking, or traditional canning
methods. When raw food is heated to an internal food temperature of 118ºF/48ºC or higher, for an extended period of time, its nutritional values begin to deteriorate, especially enzymes.
Canning also leaches out water-soluble vitamins and minerals, which also depletes the healthy qualities of the raw-living foods.”

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CLA Grassfed SCD Yogurt Benefits, CYTOKINE STUDIES: Erivan & Whole Foods 365

If you are new to my work and want to first learn SCD yogurt benefits and the immune modulating properties, skip down a bit to the section delving into the  RECENT STUDIES CONCERNING PROBIOTIC YOGURT BENEFITS AND IT’S ANTI-INFLAMMATORY IMMUNOMODULATING FACTORS.  No wonder that SCD yogurt is the foundation of the healing diets: SCD/GAPS and some PALEO camps, if tolerated.

By now you have realized that the usual starter yogurt I recommend when teaching “How to Make Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) Homemade Yogurt” is no where to be found on the shelves of Whole Foods stores.

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