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Roundup of Healthy Holiday Trays bc All Kids Exceeded Benchmark CA Levels

Summary I don’t write a lot about toxin loads but should.  They affect all of us and this study by UC Davis [Vogt et al, 2008]  found that for children, the  cumulative toxin load in all 364 children evaluated for 11 food based toxins in 44 foods, exceeded cancer benchmark levels for arsenic, dieldrin, DDE (a DDT metabolite), and dioxins, AND 10% exceeded mercury levels!  In addition, for preschool aged children 2-4 years, OVER 95% exceeded cancer benchmark levels for acrylamide and they fared worse than the 5—7 yr age group.   Acrylamide is a cooking byproduct found in processed foods like potato, tortilla chip and processed grains).  So… while I don’t write often about toxins, going into the holiday season when we likely are eating even more of the foods contributing to the toxin burden, I wanted to remind all of the reality of these loads particularly in our children.  So here is a Roundup of Healthy Holiday Trays ALL kids will luv! Try them since ALL 364 kids exceeded cancer benchmark levels of toxins in this UC Davis study!   Instead of the processed foods and chips, these gems (anytime of the year really) will draw your children to less toxin loaded foods.  Be sure to use EWG Dirty Dozen lists!  I also like the UC Davis researcher recommendations to reduce these toxin loads:  Vary diet to help protect us from accumulating too much of any one toxin since different toxins are applied to different fruit and vegetables.  Acrylamides are relatively easy to remove from the diet. They form in chips and processed grains.  Also reduce consumption of animal meat and fats, which may contain high levels of pesticide DDE and other persistent organic pollutants, and switch to organic milk.  Eat smaller fish, lower on the food chain, which generally have lower mercury levels Good SMASH fish are:  Salmon, mackerel, anchovy, sardine, and herring. 

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Get SCD Cheese Right. It is Loaded with Nutrients & Bacteria!

SUMMARY:  Hey… listen up! You want to get SCD Cheese right because it is loaded with Nutrients & Beneficial Bacteria!  ALL healing diets (SCD, GAPS, PALEO,  AIP, FODMAP…) eliminate lactose because most inflamed guts can not digest lactose!  Actually, the lactase enzyme in our gut (which breaks down lactose) is the last to return to normal after the gut has healed (see page 25, Breaking the Vicious Cycle (BTVC), Edition 13, 2010).   Further, certain diseases (like 65% of autism have a lactase deficiency) are associated with lactose intolerance, and some diseases (like IBS which afffects ten to fifteen percent of the population) may have an intolerance to the quantity of lactose consumed in the diet. For IBS  sufferers, 3 out of 4 are helped with the FODMAP  diet which figures out if foods we all digest poorly (which includes lactose) are even tolerated and if so, in what amount!  And the British Dietetic Association 2016 update for IBS recommends a trial period of a low lactose diet where sensitivity to milk is suspected and a lactose hydrogen breath test is not available or appropriate.  So many people are benefited by reducing or eliminating lactose in their diet!  This post explains how to do that deliciously using the SCD tenets, and it explains why eating lactose-free cheese is important (if you tolerate the casein protein) sharing 7 SCD cheese requirments to consider in selecting cheeses!  Bottom Line:  Everyone wants to get cheese right because it contains a whopping  10,000,000,000 or 10 billion MICROBES, and it seems they survive the gut transit ride and  beneficially impact your microbiome diversity + richness… all good immune boosting stuff!    

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