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SCD Coconut Milk Recipe and Sourcing

Summary:  Learn this EASY SCD Coconut Milk Recipe!  Never again slurp down emulsifier and gum ingredient additives that wreck your gut with inflammation contained in commercial coconut milk!  But if you must source commercial coconut milk, I’ve included some cleaner brands to look for.  Why must you ditch and eliminate commercial coconut  milk or coffee drink creamers (or any food for that matter) that contains emulsifier and gum ingredients?   Read this post for a refresher, but the short of it is they wreck your gut with inflammation that is on the order of causing (in mice anyway) IBD if predisposed, and if with a normal immune system, say hello to chronic low-grade intestinal inflammation and metabolic syndrome.  With 35% of all U.S. adults, and 50% of those 60 years of age or older, having metabolic syndrome, it is time to ditch those gut inflaming ingredients and give your gut the tools it needs.  I’m posting this recipe now since the SCD Warming Non-Dairy Latte Does Your Body TRIPLE Good” recipe is coming next up, and that uses… drumroll pls… coconut milk!

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Defy Autoimmune Psoriasis: Green Tea, Black Tea, Lemon Juice Antioxidant

SUMMARY:  Plenty of studies find anti-inflammatory effects of dietary antioxidants such as green tea for chronic disease.  Even in IBD patients, who have a very messed up microbiome (a finding of the American Gut data), the  benefits of antioxidant therapy is well documented (see below studies).  Read here about a simple EASY N=1 hack for one IBD patient that shut down a mild psoriasis skin flare that began two years ago.  They flared psoriasis, but not the autoimmune IBD, eating strict healing diet Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) probably due to a gluten/sugar airborne exposure.  The hack that worked for stopping psoriasis: Green Tea, Black Tea with Lemon Juice antioxidant blend!  I share their recipe here!   It is simple enough that you may want to add it to your immune calming anti-inflammatory arsenal too!  Make sure to see below for why it is important to NOT drink Green Tea for antioxidant benefit along with Iron.  

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