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Why Add Microbiome Wellness Programs?

because there is more to the story of food and disease! 

Most of the genetic material on and within us is not human DNAInstead, it is anaerobic organism DNA Those non-human genes (aka microbiome) does things our human genes cannot affecting over 70 percent of our immune system. 

Most all disease is associated with a microbiome that is an inflammatory community of anaerobic organisms, but that is plastic and changeable!  

Add Microbiome Modules to your Wellness Programs to focus on diet, lifestyle, hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis, autoimmune, and cognition to  learn tenets being used to move (or stay) off diseasespan.  Supercharge your clients with the tools they need to understand the “why” behind diet and lifestyle, and equip them with real motivation for behavior change!  With Microbiome Modules, educated clients  separate diet and lifestyle myth, hype, and truth to navigate the disease — diet, lifestyle, immunity link and move off (or stay off) diseasespan.  Unique practical challenges, texting, and closed Facebook pages answer ALL questions on how to integrate diet and lifestyle changes for microbiome support.  Microbiome Modules teach true Aggressive Preventative Medicine!

Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.1
Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.1
  • Even Doctors at my CME ask how to get off the ‘Avoid Diet’ after seeing Microbiome 101!
  • “Patty’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her knowledge is off the charts! I’m definitely using her insights and services!  I also look through her Facebook page and Twitter because she puts out microbiome, disease, diet, and lifestyle connections in real-time as studies publish!” —LH
  • “We’ve never had the science in our wellness programs!  We are going to have Patty back.  They keep asking for her.”  —ME, MM, HR
  • “I believe you are on to a whole new aspect of health that’s just scratching the surface!  I was reading the WSJ yesterday and came across this article.  This is cutting edge and probably the determining factor why some are thin and some fat. Enjoy the article and thanks for all you do.”  —WK
  • “Thank you for your help.  Hopelessness is a horrible feeling and you have lessened that feeling for us.”  —JS

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What are the Microbiome Modules that should be added to make Microbiome Corporate Wellness Programs?

Customize your work site Wellness Program with these Microbiome Modules.  Separate the myth, hype, and truth by learning how your microbiome is impacted!  


Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.1
Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.1

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 Don’t ever underestimate the public – the key issue is lack  of knowledge about microbes, not lack of  intelligence,”   

               — said @edyong209,  #MoBE17, Oct 2017, Washington, DC

What to expect

Use TOOLS given at each module to integrate personalized microbiome support EASILY into your lifestyle.

Take the Microbiome Quiz before and after modules to make sure you understand how to implement tenets to stay off, or move off, diseasespan! 

 Primary Outcome:  Microbiome awareness correlates to measurable changes in diet AND lifestyle choices with consequent health improvement!

Read here that even doctors ask how to get off the “Avoid Diet after seeing Microbiome 101!
We simply talk evidence, Lancet, Cochrane, et. al., giving the ‘why ‘ for behavior change.  Check out the Testimonial Page!


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