What Eating Whole Food Looks Like_FINAL


This is what “Whole Foods” looks like!  Proper preparation and identifying food intolerance, is key to reducing anti-nutrients and optimize digestibility.  This is what I teach.

I share only the  most popular, tasty, practical, family and friend tested Whole Food, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient rich foods that have surfaced in my kitchen.  These recipes take out gut irritants and support the microbiome.  They are grain-free and lactose-free, and many can be easily modified to be diary free.  They are PALEO, SCD, GAPS, UMass IBD-AID, and easily convert to Autoimmune Protocol and WAHLs.   These are the recipes in my family’s food rotation.  Most can be frozen, and that means they travel to dorm freezers for extra immune boost away from home.  “I’m not going to lie, I really miss Mom’s food,said my undergrad to my youngest when he runs out.

For RECIPES posted on the website,

Go to the “The Science Behind Food and Disease” section located in the right sidebar.  It is circled below!  Use the drop down menu and scroll down to the R’s, for RECIPES!  Select beverages, breads/crackers, poultry, fish, nuts, quinoa, and so much more…!  You can also link to my Pinterest, for even more family/friend tested great Whole Foods/SCD/PALEO/… recipes!

You can also find many recipes already detailed on individual cards on the Page entitled A FEW INDEX CARD RECIPES FOR WHOLE FOODS.  Snip & save!

These are the recipes that I always have in my fridge and freezer. These are the recipes I serve to my guests and take to gatherings. These are the recipes I celebrate the holidays using.

These are the recipes I teach my corporate clients (see Services).

I do want to note that I do share one section of my preferred Westin A. Price Foundation properly prepared grain recipes for those that do grains on Pinterest board: “WAPF SOAKED NUT/GRAIN RECIPES, GRAIN NOT SCD OR GAPS.”  Also on this board, are many recipes using properly prepared nuts (instead of the grain flours) which are totally fine for SCD, GAPS  and PALEO camps that permit such, if one tolerates nuts.



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