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Read on to learn about Microbiome Corporate Wellness Programs:

  • WHY add Microbiome Modules to Corporate Wellness Programs? 
  • What are the Microbiome Modules?
  • What to expect?  Take the Microbiome Quiz before and after each module to make sure you understand how to implement tenets to stay off, or move off, diseasespan!

WHY ADD Microbiome Modules to Corporate Wellness Programs?

There is more to the story!  Add Microbiome Modules to your Wellness Programs to separate diet and lifestyle myth and hype from the truth!

New technology now finds that most of the genetic material on and within us is not human DNA Instead, it is anaerobic organism DNAThose non-human genes (aka microbiome) does things our human genes cannot affecting over 70 to 80 percent of our immune system,  AND it is plastic and changeable.  Most of what is produced by our microbime is not available commercially — your microbiome has to make it, or not!  Most all disease is associated with a microbiome that is comprised of an inflammatory community of anaerobic organisms.  Specific Microbiome Modules explain microbiome skew for disease including hypertension, obesity, and atherosclerosis.  The modules also teach tenets of Therapeutic Diets being used to move off diseasespan (e.g.  autoimmune IBD is using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to achieve remission, medication-free — diet is that powerful).  Learn those tenets to nudge your microbiome towards health and off diseasespan, or as Aggressive Preventative Medicine!

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