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SAVE MONEY.  Bring microbiome awareness to employees. 

Employers see document-able whole healthcare cost spending savings and employee performance improvement including cognition that goes to the bottom line

Educating employees about microbiome reduces healthcare cost spending by overcoming the increasing medical consumer index.  You have no control over the increasing medical consumer index except to bend the utilization demand curve to offset the increased medical consumer price index.  Microbiome educated employees decrease the utilization demand curve by keeping healthy employees healthy, stopping the onset of future disease with the aging workforce, and moving diseased employees off the need for MANY healthcare services because their immune system functions better ⇒ MANY can reduce, if not eliminate, medications!

Employer BIGGEST BONUS is employee performance improvement both in cognition and well-being because a healthy microbiome means a healthy brain, body, and increased energy! 

For the Employee

Microbiome awareness is disease prevention and management of chronic and autoimmune disease that can include total elimination of medications.

Many individuals, following an “Introduction to the Microbiome” presentation, prefer a sliding scale monthly retainer arrangement that conveniently permits text and calling access for prompt response. 

Clients access FUN, EASY tools — because seeing is believing, and understanding causes diet and lifestyle change:

  • Your personal dietary intake and relative proportions of meat, diary, grains, nuts, fruits, vegs… and processed food — to gain better understanding of what nourishes or harms your microbiome,
  • Your dietary levels of MAC fiber — those carbs fuel your microbiome, and
  • Take Quizzes investigating your nutrient density and digestion.

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Understanding Microbiome is Aggressive Preventative Medicine OR Management of Chronic & Autoimmune Disease:
  • Learn what are the components of diet and lifestyle that supports and modulates the health of the microbiome.
  • Learn strategies that preserve your microbiome, increase it’s diversity, and promotes growth of beneficial bacteria; aka nourish your non-human self using science based anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, low toxin food components.
You need to schedule me if you don’t know:
The  health of the microbiome, which originates in-utero and at birth, regulates over 70 percent of our immunity and directly impacts health, wellness and performance (see posts here and here).

Our human genomes are 99% similar, but our microbiomes are 90 percent different, and we have all changed it profoundly during our lifetimes in manners only now being understood resulting in anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory, microbiome based immune status.

Suggested Microbiome Modules:

Source:, Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC
Source:, Microbiome Wellness Program Modules_Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC
    • Introduction to the Microbiome” (aka Micobiome 101) Presentation:  What is it, how do you get it, what impacts it, and why you should care about your microbiome’s health.
    • Learn about the disease — microbiome link with a focus on   hypertension, obesity, and atherosclerosis.  Also learn the Therapeutic Diets being used for those conditions as well as  autoimmune, dementia, cognition, and Alzheimer’s
    • Specific Food modules:  Learn how to practically integrate   Therapeutic diet tenets into your lifestyle (e.g., Mediterranean, DASH, Gluten-free, PALEO, SCD, GAPS, AIP, WAHLs, FODMAPs, Nightshades…).
    • Food hacks that make food less inflammatory.  Fats, oils, dairy, grains, legumes, nuts, meat, vegs/fruit — it is all about proper preparation and food quality.
    • Cooking DemonstrationsPractical How-To-Do Bone Broth and Other Healing Foods such as grass-fed lactose-free yogurt.
    • Sourcing Whole Food and How to eat in restaurants and while on the road.    Kitchen — Organize and Redesign for Fast Easy Whole Food Cooking.    Pantry — Clean-out and Restock!
    • Whole Lifestyle Pillars 101 (sleep, stress, exercise and sun) and ToxinsReduce the Total Body Burden,

Welcome to cutting edge microbiome education.  I look forward to working with you to better you, your employees, & your family’s health, wellness, and vitality.




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