Revised Date, Pittsburgh Microbiome Awareness Seminar

Summary:  There has been such a great response to the Pittsburgh Microbiome Awareness Seminar posted earlier today, that we have changed the date and time for the presentation to accommodate a larger than originally anticipated audience.  I guess this is a good thing!?!  

The Revised Date, Pittsburgh Microbiome Awareness Seminar is:

Thursday, May 26, 7:00 -8:30 PM,
the address remains the same:  Treesdale Community Center, One Treesdale Commons Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044. 


The original post, PITTSBURGH MICROBIOME AWARENESS SEMINAR, has been updated to reflect the new date and time, but I am posting this separately to make certain all of you, especially those that have RSVP’d and are attending, are aware of this change.

The new updated flyer showing May 26th 7:00 PM date is:
Please continue to share this opportunity with your friends!!


Learn why you need to STOP gut bacteria muggers and INCREASE microbiome diversity/richness to help modulate and restore health to the microbiome. 
Get you and your family OFF that epidemic list of immune related disease, or use the tenets for aggressive preventative medicine.


Both  Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC. and TADA Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.  Beachbody Coach are excited to be bringing you this cutting edge research!  We look forward to meeting you!

New DATE and TIME:

Thursday,  May 26th, 7:00 – 8:30 PM,  Treesdale Community Center, One Treesdale Commons Drive, Gibsonia, PA 15044.

RSVP  if attending, PLEASE; we want to be certain the venue is large enough!!!

Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.  or

TADA Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.

Meet your hosts:

Founder of Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC. 

I am an attorney, an engineer, a mom that researches and understands microbiome.  My work is cited in Harvard’s “Introduction to the Microbiome” PowerPoint.  I work with Dr. Rob Knight on upcoming ferment consumer gut microbiome studies, participate in Univ RUSH Medical Center, Chicago microbiome studies, and follow Univ Stanford, UMass, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Atlanta Children’s Hospital, and UC Davis trials (to name a few) on dietary modulation of the microbiome for autoimmunity.  I walk the walk and use diet modulation of the gut microbiome for myself and my family (since 2010!); We are off that chronic disease/autoimmune drug roller coaster.

I corporate educate and teach small group or one-on-one diet and health implications of the microbiome which regulates 70 to 80% of immunity and directly impacts health, wellness, and performance.

Founder of TADA Fitness & Nutrition, LLC.  Beachbody Coach.

I am an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor, AASDN Nutrition Specialist, Commercial Realtor, and a mom who learned in a chance meeting, about diet modulation of the gut microbiome and consequent health ramifications.  I walk the walk and am implementing healing diet tenets for diet modulation of the gut microbiome for my own family.

Best in health through awareness,






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