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SUMMARY:  Friendly reminder to attend the  CME Microbiome, Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition at UPMC Passavant Hospital, Pittsburgh, October 25, 2017, Assembly Hall, noon–1PM!  See the last post here for specifics, but in general, THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY, and I will share those no-nonsense insights into microbiome associations for the hypertensive, atherosclerotic, obese, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and IBS conditions (and more) as well as therapeutic diets being used for those disease conditions.  What to eat information has been muddied by industry production of ubiquitous processed foods marketed as healthy foods.  This CME shares tools your patients can use now to turn around disease as well as recognize its role in increasing drug efficacy and prevention of medication failures.  Public Microbiome Awareness Education gives the why’ behind disease, and is patient Motivation for Action, not paralysis.   This CME will help establish your patients healthy relationship with food and turn around their disease status.   Listen too as local patients share how they use evidence–based microbiome therapeutics to induce and maintain remission for autoimmune disease, and learn about the Pittsburgh—based cohort forming for inclusion in upcoming leading light microbiome researcher, Dr. Rob Knight, UCSF  studies looking at ferment consumer gut microbiomes.

Who Can Attend?

You do not want to miss this CME if you are a healthcare provider or medical professional, or in healthcare insurance.   The new discovery of the microbiome, a 2 to 3 pound organ having a key role in over 70 percent of our immunity, is a paradigm shift changing up our understanding of physiological and psychological health and disease.  Click here for the PDF: CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition, Oct 25, 2017, UPMC Passavant Hospital.   The only way to do better is to know better. —poet Maya Angelou.  The point of CME is to try to move the field and do right by our patients.   Attend and LEARN the role of this new player in the organ/disease of your choice!

Don’t ever  underestimate the public – the key issue is lack of knowledge about microbes, not  lack of intelligence.”  

— Ed Yong, @edyong209,  #MoBE17, this week in Washington DC’s Microbiology of the Built Environment.


Where and When
  • UPMC Passavant Hospital, Assembly Hall, 9100 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.  
  • October 25, 2017, Noon — 1PM.
  • Questions — Email 

Please, SHARE this post and pass word of this CME opportunity to YOUR healthcare providers and medical professionals, and to your healthcare insurance providers, and their colleagues!  I hope to see them for eye-opening information that will forever change how they look and treat patients!

Note, while this CME is not open to the general public, I am working on more GREAT microbiome workshops for you!  I’ll keep you posted!  See you soon!

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