Knight Lab, workshops, Portland

Embriette Hyde, Knight Lab, Workshops, Portland

Summary:   Just sharing a fun educational event, that literally could change your health, wellness, and vitality, occurring Friday October 14 thru Sunday, October 16, 2016,  in Portland should you be nearby.  I especially highly recommend catching the keynote speaker, Friday October 14, 2016, Dr. Embriette Hyde present “Redefining Human: Living and Eating in a Microbiome World”.  Embriette is Program Manager for THE AMERICAN GUT PROJECT and works for KNIGHT LAB at the University of California San Diego.  Earlier this year I worked with Embriette and Knight lab on profiling Pittsburgh ferment gut consumers for upcoming Knight Lab probiotic studies.  Without a doubt, Embriette’s Keynote presentation will be awesome!  If you can make it, register for Embriette’s talk, Knight Lab, Workshops, Portland, here.  Please let us know in the comments your thoughts if you are fortunate enough to attend!

“Redefining Human: Living and Eating in a Microbiome World”.   Friday October 14, 2016

Keynote Speaker:  DR. EMBRIETTE HYDE, PHD

Program Manager of  THE AMERICAN GUT PROJECT and Project Scientist for KNIGHT LAB at the University of California San Diego.

She’ll separate the hope from the hype surrounding the scientific world’s biggest research initiative today: understanding the importance of healthy bacterial ecosystems that impact everyday life.  From where you live to what you eat, from who you mate with and whether you have a dog — all of these factors affect your bacteria and your health, most especially your gut health.  Whether you’re a health provider or patient tending to digestive issues and inflammation, or if you just want to preserve the good health you have, Dr. Hyde brings the alien world of human bacteria into a realm that’s both freaky and fun. 

Embriette’s talk, Knight Lab, Workshops, Portland

There are many Panel Discussions and Workshops planned over the weekend; see the full PROGRAM LINEUP.  Beyond Embriette’s presentation, those particularly worth attending include:

  • 9:30am – 11:00 am Opening Topic Panel: Research & Remedies: A multidisciplinary look at gut health and inflammation-related conditions Moderator: Edythe Vickers, ND, L.Ac. An Hao Natural Health Clinic, NUNM Physician & Professor Panelists: * Embriette Hyde, PhD – Keynote Speaker, American Gut Project, The Knight Lab UCSD * Steven Sandberg-Lewis, ND – SIBO Center, NUNM Supervising Physician & Educator * Julie Kim, MD – Northwest Gastroenterology * Carmen Campbell, ND – Microbiomes Lab, Good Life Medicine Center
  • 3:30pm – 5:00pm Closing Topic Panel: “Living & Loving with Lifestyle Restrictions: Coping with the psycho-social impact of dietary challenges” Moderator: Mariel Pastor, LMFT, Psychotherapist, Educator, Conference Director Panelists: * Hilary Kinavey, LPC – Psychotherapist, Be Nourished Training Institute * Dana Sturtevant, RD – Nutrition Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Be Nourished Training Institute * Paula Springer – Firebelly Health Coach * Lisa Angst – Health Coach, Author of Living Well with Diet Restrictions
  • Panel#3: “SCD, FOODMAPS, PALEO, GAPS:  FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DIETARY MAZE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND.” Moderated by: Lorin Lubin, ND, L.Ac – An Hao Natural Health Clinic
  • Panel #4: “DIY – ESSENTIALS TO JUMP-START YOUR GUT INSTINCT NOW!” Moderated by: Tressa Yelig, Owner of Salt, Fire & Time Broth Bar
  • Psychological Self-Care: Stress Management Toolkit
  • Getting Your Picky Eater on a Gut Healing Diet
  • Gut Reactions: Eating Disorders and Digestion
  • Functional Healing with Bone Broth
  • Hands-On Visceral Manipulation
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: Kitchen Skills and Positive Attitude

The three days promise to be a wealth of expertise and information for those looking to dive deeper into understanding how diet and lifestyle impacts the microbiome.  Take it from me, I see health restoration daily for those moving onto anti-inflammatory, low toxin, nutrient dense foods be it called:  Mediterranean, PALEO, SCD, GAPS, FODMAPS, NIGHTSHADES, AIP, WAHLs, etc.  

Understand, just adding in anti-inflammatory foods into our diet isn’t enough.  

It is all about optimizing gut microbiome health. That involves a balance of lifestyle and diet.  Diet involves a focus on striking the right ratio of nutrients while eliminating common trigger foods.  You need to relearn what you have learned.  The old guidelines and paradigms taught principles like low fat which substituted grains, dairy, and other carbohydrates into our diets.  It seems the  American Gut findings show that gut health is hugely impacted by eating lots of  plants, like 5 to 30 different varieties each week.  That finding was so profound that “American Gut” changed participant food journal requirements to only ask for frequency on consumption of holistic food within the past month, instead of the three week food journal.  The change was warranted since the long term diet, especially meat and fiber consumption, was shown to have the largest effect on the microbiome.

Attend this Portland workshop, or my Introduction to the Microbiome presentations or Workshops, to learn how cutting edge current research on the microbiome is rewriting the conventional diet guidelines.  

It is time you used what is being learned from the microbiome research to understand what impacts your gut health — no matter if

you’re suffering from an inflammation-related condition, or just want to prevent disease or maintain your current state of health.

lightbulb2Come out and learn what all the news about microbiome and gut health is all about!!!  Your mind, body, and lifespan will thank you!!!

If you can’t make Portland, message me for other microbiome education opportunities!

Best of Health through Awareness,


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