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Please read my Disclaimer, which is the first slide below, because I am not a doctor!    I am an attorney and mechanical engineer blogging about microbiome, health, and disease links!

Warning:  Some of my posts are very academic, but I try my best to make them easily understood by all!  Some read like a legal brief but you benefit because you have direct links to the supporting published and PubMed studies!  Enjoy the roundtable of images from posts below.  If you follow me, you get what the significance of each is.  If you don’t,  get reading!  

Included below is a glimpse of where I came from.  Where I am today, is using science/evidence based microbiome supportive therapeutics that I blog about for preventative medicine for my family (which includes a Division 1 elite track athlete), and for me, using the science/evidence based microbiome supportive therapeutics for sustaining remission of an autoimmune disease medication-free.  Read more about all that here, but to be clear, I am med-free despite living in a city having a major teaching hospital with a medical system that is a microbiome desert!  If you are too, don’t let that stop you!  Use the latest microbiome research to move yourself off diseasespan and onto health!  Best of health through awareness,  Patty