CME Microbiome_Oct 25, 2017_UPMC Passavant Hospital

CME Microbiome, Disease, Therapeutics, Nutrition_October 25, 2017

SUMMARY:  Microbiome CME!!!  If you are a healthcare provider or medical professional, attend this CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition at UPMC Passavant Hospital, Pittsburgh, October 25, 2017, Assembly Hall, noon–1PM!  The new discovery of the microbiome, a 2 to 3 pound organ having a key role in over 70 percent of our immunity, is a paradigm shift changing up our understanding of physiological and psychological health and disease.  This CME shares current no–nonsense evidence of what the microbiome is and includes valuable  insights into what is overselling the microbiome. Click here for the PDF: CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition, Oct 25, 2017, UPMC Passavant Hospital.  LEARN eye-opening insights and actionable tips about the KEY role the microbiome plays in your organ of choice, in chronic disease (2/3 of deaths in Allegheny County are attributed to chronic disease) including hypertension, heart disease (this leading cause of death, at 30% in Allegheny County, is higher compared to the state of PA), diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cognition, Alzheimer’s, IBD, IBS, MS, and more, as well as its role in increasing drug efficacy and prevention of medication failures.  Listen as local patients share how they use evidence–based microbiome therapeutics to induce and maintain remission for autoimmune disease, and learn about the Pittsburgh—based cohort forming for inclusion in upcoming leading light microbiome researcher, Dr. Rob Knight, UCSF  studies looking at ferment consumer gut microbiomes (see bio below).  Bottom line  —  DON’T MISS THIS CME — Healthcare provider, medical professional, AND patient education/awareness of this organ is the “why” that causes patient diet and lifestyle behavior changes that moves them OFF diseasespan. The only way to do better is to know better. —poet Maya Angelou.  The point of CME is to try to move the field and do right by our patients.   Attend and LEARN the role of this new player in the organ/disease of your choice! 

Where and When
  • UPMC Passavant Hospital, Assembly Hall, 9100 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.  
  • October 25, 2017, Noon — 1PM.
  • Questions — Email 
You can’t afford to miss this CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition!

I decided to eat gluten-free, ketogenic or MIND, ReCODE, Mediterranean, DASH, Caveman PALEO, FODMAPs, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, GAPs, AIP…, and I fast.  Will that help prevent my getting chronic disease or help my existing disease condition?  I’m restricting carbs and ‘focussing on protein’ but baffled because weight is increasing and I’m tired, moody, and feel lousy.  I’m sleeping poorly or not exercising. This antibiotic script, how long will it take to recover my microbiome, and what should I do to best protect my microbiome?  Here’s my 23AndMe genomic testing; I have the ApoE4 Alzheimer’s gene, or MTHFR.  I am a C-Section baby.  How do I protect myself from getting diabetes, obesity, asthma, IBD, and celiac disease?  Can I reseed my babies microbiome?  I can’t breastfeed; should I use a human milk bank even though its pasteurization process kills off beneficial microbes?  Will daycare help or harm my child’s microbiome?  Should I get a dog to increase microbiome diversity and reduce my allergy risks?  

Published papers are beginning to address these questions.  We are learning there is more to the story, albeit much has yet to be written.  Still, attend this CME, Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition and shoot up the microbiome learning curve.  Recognize the key role of gut microbes as participants in cardiovascular and metabolic disease pathogenesis.  Learn actionable evidence–based tips, from the perspective of the microbiome, where over 70 percent of our immunity resides, that helps nudge the microbiome from pro–inflammatory to anti-inflammatory.   

Especially come to hear local patients discuss their use of microbiome therapeutics being used in hospital affiliated clinics!  These protocols focus on altering gut microbial community composition through use of defined microbial compositions (probiotics) and non-microbial substances that may secondarily foster alteration in microbial community structure (prebiotics and other food compounds).

Lastly, learn about the Pittsburgh–based cohort forming for inclusion in leading light microbiome researcher Dr. Rob Knight’s upcoming ferment gut consumer microbiome studies.  Dr. Knight is Professor in the Department of Pediatrics with an additional appointment in the Department of Computer Science at UCSF, was chosen as one of 50 HHMI Early Career Scientists in 2009, is a Senior Editor at the ISME Journal, a member of the Steering Committee of the Earth Microbiome Project, and a co-founder of the American Gut Project.  See Knight Lab publications here.

Please, SHARE this post and pass word of this CME opportunity to YOUR healthcare providers and medical professionals and to their colleagues!  I hope to see them for eye-opening information that will forever change how they look and treat patients!

Note, while this CME is not open to the general public, I am working on more GREAT microbiome workshops for you!  I’ll keep you posted!  See you soon!

Best in health thru awareness,


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  1. Hi Patty,
    Thank you for your outstanding web page. I am so happy to find this site while searching for human microbiome updates. I am a clinical microbiologist from Turkey. Is there a way I can reach to your talk (video, slayts, etc)?

    1. Hi Arzu. I am glad you find my repository of microbiome studies helpful. At this time, I do not have talks or workshops available online but hope to soon. MANY researchers and medical professionals sign up for my website email notifications to stay current. They also direct some of the focus of the posts. Hoping this helps, Patty

  2. Dear Patty,

    I have been following your posts and I am amazed by the amount of info you are able to organize. This is great! Thanks.

    I am from Brazil and I am starting a blog on the microbiome as well. I am a researcher and want to build a community of people aware of this new paradigm shift. In Brazil, the health system is very slow in absorbing the enormous change this means and I believe that a public well-informed will definitely speed up this process.

    I would love to hear from this CME – is there a way to remotely access it? That would be great. Cheers,

    Adriana Grativol

    1. Hi Adriana. Thank you for your kind words! I will look into remote access and let you know! It is great to hear from a fellow research advocate; please let me know when your blog is up, and I’ll check it out! Best, Patty

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