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Read on to learn about Microbiome Corporate Wellness Programs:

  • WHY add Microbiome Modules to Corporate Wellness Programs? 
  • What are the Microbiome Modules?
  • What to expect?  Take the Microbiome Quiz before and after each module to make sure you understand how to implement tenets to stay off, or move off, diseasespan!

WHY ADD Microbiome Modules to Corporate Wellness Programs?

There is more to the story!  Add Microbiome Modules to your Wellness Programs to separate diet and lifestyle myth and hype from the truth!

New technology now finds that most of the genetic material on and within us is not human DNA Instead, it is anaerobic organism DNAThose non-human genes (aka microbiome) does things our human genes cannot affecting over 70 to 80 percent of our immune system,  AND it is plastic and changeable.  Most of what is produced by our microbime is not available commercially — your microbiome has to make it, or not!  Most all disease is associated with a microbiome that is comprised of an inflammatory community of anaerobic organisms.  Specific Microbiome Modules explain microbiome skew for disease including hypertension, obesity, and atherosclerosis.  The modules also teach tenets of Therapeutic Diets being used to move off diseasespan (e.g.  autoimmune IBD is using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to achieve remission, medication-free — diet is that powerful).  Learn those tenets to nudge your microbiome towards health and off diseasespan, or as Aggressive Preventative Medicine!

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CME MICROBIOME Questions & Answers

SUMMARY CME MICROBIOME Questions is where the rubber meets the road!  I learn what you really take away from the evidence packed Introduction to Microbiome presentation!!!  Not only was it a great turnout for the CME MICROBIOME, DISEASE, THERAPEUTICS, NUTRITION held OCT 25, 2017 in Pittsburgh, at Passavant Hospital (see this post for details), but the questions asked by these medical providers were spot on! Read below for some of the Q&A with focus on:  What to do if on the “Avoid Diet”,  the MIND Diet and Dementia Prevention, fermented foods, and the ketogenic diet — MACS, fruit and weight!  The Therapeutic Manipulation of Microbiome slide (see below) shows how microbiome nourishingly sick the Standard America Diet is.  Some call this diet void of MACs, or microbiota-accessible carbohydrates, leaving the microbiome to nosh on our carb-rich mucus gut lining, when dietary pickings get slim.  [Desai et al 2016]  This CME crowd took their first ever pass into the anaerobic world of this newly discovered organ and saw its systemic body-wide devastating health impact when the gut lining becomes compromised (see the below slide) ⇒ The next step is to learn my bolt on presentations of diet ⇔  lifestyle changes that can move this organ to health.   ♥ If you are a business (especially self insured) looking to reduce healthcare costs, CONTACT me because microbiome information is what  your employees NEED to hear to keep (or move) them off diseasespansee my SERVICES!  If you are an individual or other group wanting to hear this information,   CONTACT me to make that happen!!!  

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SUMMARY:  Friendly reminder to attend the  CME Microbiome, Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition at UPMC Passavant Hospital, Pittsburgh, October 25, 2017, Assembly Hall, noon–1PM!  See the last post here for specifics, but in general, THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY, and I will share those no-nonsense insights into microbiome associations for the hypertensive, atherosclerotic, obese, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, and IBS conditions (and more) as well as therapeutic diets being used for those disease conditions.  What to eat information has been muddied by industry production of ubiquitous processed foods marketed as healthy foods.  This CME shares tools your patients can use now to turn around disease as well as recognize its role in increasing drug efficacy and prevention of medication failures.  Public Microbiome Awareness Education gives the why’ behind disease, and is patient Motivation for Action, not paralysis.   This CME will help establish your patients healthy relationship with food and turn around their disease status.   Listen too as local patients share how they use evidence–based microbiome therapeutics to induce and maintain remission for autoimmune disease, and learn about the Pittsburgh—based cohort forming for inclusion in upcoming leading light microbiome researcher, Dr. Rob Knight, UCSF  studies looking at ferment consumer gut microbiomes.

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CME Microbiome, Disease, Therapeutics, Nutrition_October 25, 2017

SUMMARY:  Microbiome CME!!!  If you are a healthcare provider or medical professional, attend this CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition at UPMC Passavant Hospital, Pittsburgh, October 25, 2017, Assembly Hall, noon–1PM!  The new discovery of the microbiome, a 2 to 3 pound organ having a key role in over 70 percent of our immunity, is a paradigm shift changing up our understanding of physiological and psychological health and disease.  This CME shares current no–nonsense evidence of what the microbiome is and includes valuable  insights into what is overselling the microbiome. Click here for the PDF: CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition, Oct 25, 2017, UPMC Passavant Hospital.  LEARN eye-opening insights and actionable tips about the KEY role the microbiome plays in your organ of choice, in chronic disease (2/3 of deaths in Allegheny County are attributed to chronic disease) including hypertension, heart disease (this leading cause of death, at 30% in Allegheny County, is higher compared to the state of PA), diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cognition, Alzheimer’s, IBD, IBS, MS, and more, as well as its role in increasing drug efficacy and prevention of medication failures.  Listen as local patients share how they use evidence–based microbiome therapeutics to induce and maintain remission for autoimmune disease, and learn about the Pittsburgh—based cohort forming for inclusion in upcoming leading light microbiome researcher, Dr. Rob Knight, UCSF  studies looking at ferment consumer gut microbiomes (see bio below).  Bottom line  —  DON’T MISS THIS CME — Healthcare provider, medical professional, AND patient education/awareness of this organ is the “why” that causes patient diet and lifestyle behavior changes that moves them OFF diseasespan. The only way to do better is to know better. —poet Maya Angelou.  The point of CME is to try to move the field and do right by our patients.   Attend and LEARN the role of this new player in the organ/disease of your choice! 

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Join Dr. Mark Hyman Free 10 Day Detox Challenge

SUMMARY:  I always share good worthwhile Workshops.  Here’s your chance to participate in a FREE Workshop led by Dr. Mark Hyman’s group. He calls it a Detox Workshop, but it actually is going to get you off the sugar and carb addiction roller coaster.  This Dr. Hyman Free 10 Day Detox Challenge is something everyone should try! What you learn will change your health and help to keep you off, or move you off, the diseasespan!  Dr. Hyman is the Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine which opened in 2014.  Since then, it has expanded twice to accommodate more patients, and the wait list at the start of 2017 was still 3,000 patients.  Good luck getting seen there!  Dr. Hyman is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicinea medical editor of The Huffington Post, and was a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie and The Dr. Oz Show.  Participating in one of his Workshops… WELL… It doesn’t get much better than that!  Sign up. NOW!!!

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Learn Vitality, Memory, Hormones at this Wellness Conference

SUMMARY:  I want to let you know about this amazing 3rd annual Citizens of the World Wellness Conference, that you can attend, hosted by The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill on May 5, 2017, in Greensburg, PA. This year, “Lifespan Rhythms: A Focus on Memory, Hormones, and Vitality” is the theme.  Come and learn the latest studies about the Vitality, Memory, Hormones link.  Expert speakers throughout the day will discuss how to support families across the lifespan with a focus on MEMORY IMPAIRMENT.  I participated in last years conference and am thrilled to do so again this year.  I don’t normally give you a heads up of opportunities like this unless they are truely worthwhile learning opportunities.  This conference makes my cut!  If you can attend, you’ll leave with a boatleg of practical information! Come learn about the Vitality, Memory, Hormones link.

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“Introduction to Microbiome” presentation April 19, 2017

Summary:  If you are in the Pittsburgh area, stop in and hear the Introduction to Microbiome”presentation April 19, 2017 over at the Camelot’s Columbian Room.  Why is this presentation really important?  The microbiome is a newly discovered organ where over 70% of your immunity resides  AND many inflammatory and chronic diseases (from Type 2 Diabetes, to autoimmune, to dementia and Alzheimer’s) have been found, beginning about 2013, to have a microbiome inflammatory skew.  Diet and lifestyle hugely alters our microbiome  constituent members in pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory directions (see posts  here and here).  TheIntroduction to Microbiome” presentation  explains what the microbiome is and factors that impact it for the good and bad.  These findings are out of the key microbiome labs that have made pivotal contributions to our understanding of the microbiome.  To know where you are going microbiome-wise, you need to know where you’ve been microbiome-wise, and that means getting your arms around all the factors that impact it, good and bad.  You will better understand the state of your microbiome (and your families) and leave rethinking how food and lifestyle can better your microbiomes which it can, immensely.  The microbiome is a newly discovered organ we need to support for sure, and from the current disease epidemics, we are obviously not doing a very good job.  How bad are our microbiomes?  The National Institutes of Health’s “Human Microbiome Project”  was billed as a “road map” of human microbes.  But as Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, a microbiologist at New York University who is working to repopulate C-Section newborn skewed microbiomes said, the effort is “really the American  Microbiome Project; it’s not the “Human Microbiome Project.”  How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution?  Come… learn!

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2nd Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival

Summary:  Just sharing a fun educational event, that literally could change your health, wellness, and vitality, occurring this Sunday, February 26, 2017, in Pittsburgh should you be nearby.  The FREE event is the SECOND Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival or read the Ferment Festival Facebook page.  I’ll be attending and talking about how ferment consumers and vendors can become a cohort for upcoming American Gut fermenting microbiome studies!  Last year I profiled many for participation and if you missed that, but still want in, or to ask me ANY question on microbiome, ferments, diet, and health, stop by my table and let’s catch up!  Added onto this year’s Ferment Festival…  attend the potluck night Saturday night!   BONUS:  See below for Cleveland Clinic, “5 Reasons You Should Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet.”  Share this post to pass on the info!

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Another Microbiome Introduction Presentation today!

Summary:  Looking forward to giving today’s Microbiome Introduction Presentation!  Rather amazing that many of the healing diet vegetable and fruit tenets, being micronutrient, phytonutrient, and antioxidant rich AND containing fiber that actually nourishes the microbiome, follow the vegetable and fruit recommendations from the cancer centers like Dana-Farber Brigham Women’s!  Bonus of the healing diets is that they contain healthy fats that permit the absorption of those necessary food components!

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Embriette Hyde, Knight Lab, Workshops, Portland

Summary:   Just sharing a fun educational event, that literally could change your health, wellness, and vitality, occurring Friday October 14 thru Sunday, October 16, 2016,  in Portland should you be nearby.  I especially highly recommend catching the keynote speaker, Friday October 14, 2016, Dr. Embriette Hyde present “Redefining Human: Living and Eating in a Microbiome World”.  Embriette is Program Manager for THE AMERICAN GUT PROJECT and works for KNIGHT LAB at the University of California San Diego.  Earlier this year I worked with Embriette and Knight lab on profiling Pittsburgh ferment gut consumers for upcoming Knight Lab probiotic studies.  Without a doubt, Embriette’s Keynote presentation will be awesome!  If you can make it, register for Embriette’s talk, Knight Lab, Workshops, Portland, here.  Please let us know in the comments your thoughts if you are fortunate enough to attend!

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