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Coconut Flour Salmon Cakes Gluten Free SCD PALEO

Summary:  These Coconut Flour Salmon Cakes Gluten free SCD PALEO are a game changer!  These gems are way better then traditional restaurant versions AND they eliminate all those filler ingredients like breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, and Worcestershire;  see below for why I never use those ingredients!   When you open my fridge you’ll often find these salmon cakes for quick grab, but they are totally EASY, eloquent, and redic delic as an appetizer or entree for guests and at holiday celebrations.  This recipe uses coconut flour and eggs as binder, and they hold their shape beautifully!  They are PALEO, SCD, GAPs, and UMass IBD-AID legal.  They are FODMAP and AIP legal with the garlic and onion HACK and other modifications detailed below.  Truth be told, we often snack these at the end of the night, with a glass of red wine (a great anti-inflammatory — see here), candle light, and a drizzle of real fermented SCD Dijon Mustard — recipe is on my Pinterest Condiment Board.  This is the lifestyle pillar I talk about so often!  Hitting your body with safety signals from as many different directions as possible truly FEELS and tastes great!

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Vegetable Spiralizer Noodles. No gluten & arsenic grains!

Many need a spaghetti substitute especially when first decreasing gluten and grain consumption, and instead are increasing vegetable consumption.  A Paderno Spiralizer (this Williams-Sonoma website has a nice How-To use video) is what I use to make vegetable spiralizer noodles.  There are other spiralizer brands but I find the three blade Paderno to not be cost prohibitive (shop online), and it has lasted through many uses.

Vegetable noodles is a neat trick for spaghetti sides, be it scampi or marinara sauce based.  Recipes abound on the internet using spiralizer vegetable noodles, but a few of my favorites are:

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