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Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Talks

SUMMARY:  I’m sharing two weeks of FREE access to the Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Talks from twenty-one key microbiome researchers and includes clinicians integrating microbiome into therapeutics!  This educational series is presented by University of Toronto’s Heather Boon PhD, Dean of Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Stewart Brown, Founder & CEO, Genuine Health, a science based natural health company.  These talks are short and to the point, AND you can download the transcripts for later reading.  There has been a ton going on in the ivory towers of academia and science research uncovering just how important the gut microbiome is to health and wellbeing and its impact on the immune system.  Microbiome associations are now known for hypertension (34 percent population prevalence ), atherosclerosis (39 percent), anxiety and depression (10 percent), weight gain, obesity (29+ percent), autoimmune diseases (20 percent — mostly women), Type 1 and 2 Diabetes (36 percent), metabolic syndrome (34 percent), IBD (10 to 15 percent), asthma allergy, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stress-induced and progressive neuropsychiatric diseases, AND prolonged low-grade inflammation which is behind most all disease (51% of adults have at least one chronic disease, 27% of kids have one or more chronic diseases).  Yet none of microbiome — disease impact is pouring down to us mere mortals none the less doctors — I would know; I teach Microbiome CME.  When twins having 100% identical human DNA only have 40 percent of the same gut microbiota, imagine how different your microbiota is from everyone else.  Spoiler alert:  Your gut microbiota is 99 percent different from everyone else and our microbiota explains why each and every one of our bodies (and minds) behave so differently!  Knowledge is power, and these talks share how microbiome understanding is being put on the forefront of therapeutic integration to reverse and prevent disease.  Now that is aggressive preventative medicine especially since 70 to 80 percent of our immune cells reside in the health of our gut microbiome.  Enjoy the listen, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, early!

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CME Microbiome, Disease, Therapeutics, Nutrition_October 25, 2017

SUMMARY:  Microbiome CME!!!  If you are a healthcare provider or medical professional, attend this CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition at UPMC Passavant Hospital, Pittsburgh, October 25, 2017, Assembly Hall, noon–1PM!  The new discovery of the microbiome, a 2 to 3 pound organ having a key role in over 70 percent of our immunity, is a paradigm shift changing up our understanding of physiological and psychological health and disease.  This CME shares current no–nonsense evidence of what the microbiome is and includes valuable  insights into what is overselling the microbiome. Click here for the PDF: CME Microbiome. Disease, Therapeutics, and Nutrition, Oct 25, 2017, UPMC Passavant Hospital.  LEARN eye-opening insights and actionable tips about the KEY role the microbiome plays in your organ of choice, in chronic disease (2/3 of deaths in Allegheny County are attributed to chronic disease) including hypertension, heart disease (this leading cause of death, at 30% in Allegheny County, is higher compared to the state of PA), diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, cognition, Alzheimer’s, IBD, IBS, MS, and more, as well as its role in increasing drug efficacy and prevention of medication failures.  Listen as local patients share how they use evidence–based microbiome therapeutics to induce and maintain remission for autoimmune disease, and learn about the Pittsburgh—based cohort forming for inclusion in upcoming leading light microbiome researcher, Dr. Rob Knight, UCSF  studies looking at ferment consumer gut microbiomes (see bio below).  Bottom line  —  DON’T MISS THIS CME — Healthcare provider, medical professional, AND patient education/awareness of this organ is the “why” that causes patient diet and lifestyle behavior changes that moves them OFF diseasespan. The only way to do better is to know better. —poet Maya Angelou.  The point of CME is to try to move the field and do right by our patients.   Attend and LEARN the role of this new player in the organ/disease of your choice! 

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Join Dr. Mark Hyman Free 10 Day Detox Challenge

SUMMARY:  I always share good worthwhile Workshops.  Here’s your chance to participate in a FREE Workshop led by Dr. Mark Hyman’s group. He calls it a Detox Workshop, but it actually is going to get you off the sugar and carb addiction roller coaster.  This Dr. Hyman Free 10 Day Detox Challenge is something everyone should try! What you learn will change your health and help to keep you off, or move you off, the diseasespan!  Dr. Hyman is the Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine which opened in 2014.  Since then, it has expanded twice to accommodate more patients, and the wait list at the start of 2017 was still 3,000 patients.  Good luck getting seen there!  Dr. Hyman is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicinea medical editor of The Huffington Post, and was a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie and The Dr. Oz Show.  Participating in one of his Workshops… WELL… It doesn’t get much better than that!  Sign up. NOW!!!

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Learn Vitality, Memory, Hormones at this Wellness Conference

SUMMARY:  I want to let you know about this amazing 3rd annual Citizens of the World Wellness Conference, that you can attend, hosted by The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill on May 5, 2017, in Greensburg, PA. This year, “Lifespan Rhythms: A Focus on Memory, Hormones, and Vitality” is the theme.  Come and learn the latest studies about the Vitality, Memory, Hormones link.  Expert speakers throughout the day will discuss how to support families across the lifespan with a focus on MEMORY IMPAIRMENT.  I participated in last years conference and am thrilled to do so again this year.  I don’t normally give you a heads up of opportunities like this unless they are truely worthwhile learning opportunities.  This conference makes my cut!  If you can attend, you’ll leave with a boatleg of practical information! Come learn about the Vitality, Memory, Hormones link.

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Fasano, FREE: Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease

SUMMARY:   Our food choices are fundamental for health.  The next Integrated Functional Medicine Grand Rounds installment with Cleveland Clinic is coming up on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Listen, for FREE as Dr. Alessio FASANO, MD speaks on How Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease.  This is an incredible opportunity officially titled:  How Early Nutrition Influences Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Profiles in Health and Disease: Shifting From a Disease-Centered Approach to Patient-Oriented Functional Medicine.  For background, I have followed Dr. Fasano’s work for ages.  He is a leading gut inflammation light who put Celiac Disease, and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, on the map in the US when all US health agencies literally told him those were “across the pond”.  When that happens, you know you are about to make a major break thru that will ruffle lots of feathers.  He persevered, and his findings will re-write the medical books.  Those findings opened the doors for what is now understood as:  Gut permeability ⇒ immune stimulation ⇒ inflammation ⇒ gut and systemic  ramifications ⇒ autoimmune and chronic disease.   Listen in to Dr. Fasano, FREE,  Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease!

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Food as Medicine? Free Monash U online course!

Summary:  Can we really use food as medicine?  This is the question Professor Helen Truby and her team at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University seek to answer in a new 3 week, FREE online course offered by the department.

The course?   Food as Medicine, and I’m attending!
When?  3 week course begins Monday, May 2, 2016.
I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and register here for the FREE Monash U online Food as Medicine course as well!  
Equally important… share the opportunity please!
lightbulb2I am hoping we’ll learn:

I am also hoping that the material will be consistent with the  summary of the interesting patterns emerging from the American Gut data presented from Dr. Rob Knight’s talk, Saturday, October 18, 2014, as documented in this post, as well as The American Gut website, and the Preliminary Characterization of the American Gut Population PDF.  Food-wise, the repeat seems to be:

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