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Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Talks

SUMMARY:  I’m sharing two weeks of FREE access to the Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Talks from twenty-one key microbiome researchers and includes clinicians integrating microbiome into therapeutics!  This educational series is presented by University of Toronto’s Heather Boon PhD, Dean of Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Stewart Brown, Founder & CEO, Genuine Health, a science based natural health company.  These talks are short and to the point, AND you can download the transcripts for later reading.  There has been a ton going on in the ivory towers of academia and science research uncovering just how important the gut microbiome is to health and wellbeing and its impact on the immune system.  Microbiome associations are now known for hypertension (34 percent population prevalence ), atherosclerosis (39 percent), anxiety and depression (10 percent), weight gain, obesity (29+ percent), autoimmune diseases (20 percent — mostly women), Type 1 and 2 Diabetes (36 percent), metabolic syndrome (34 percent), IBD (10 to 15 percent), asthma allergy, autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stress-induced and progressive neuropsychiatric diseases, AND prolonged low-grade inflammation which is behind most all disease (51% of adults have at least one chronic disease, 27% of kids have one or more chronic diseases).  Yet none of microbiome — disease impact is pouring down to us mere mortals none the less doctors — I would know; I teach Microbiome CME.  When twins having 100% identical human DNA only have 40 percent of the same gut microbiota, imagine how different your microbiota is from everyone else.  Spoiler alert:  Your gut microbiota is 99 percent different from everyone else and our microbiota explains why each and every one of our bodies (and minds) behave so differently!  Knowledge is power, and these talks share how microbiome understanding is being put on the forefront of therapeutic integration to reverse and prevent disease.  Now that is aggressive preventative medicine especially since 70 to 80 percent of our immune cells reside in the health of our gut microbiome.  Enjoy the listen, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, early!

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CME MICROBIOME Questions & Answers

SUMMARY CME MICROBIOME Questions is where the rubber meets the road!  I learn what you really take away from the evidence packed Introduction to Microbiome presentation!!!  Not only was it a great turnout for the CME MICROBIOME, DISEASE, THERAPEUTICS, NUTRITION held OCT 25, 2017 in Pittsburgh, at Passavant Hospital (see this post for details), but the questions asked by these medical providers were spot on! Read below for some of the Q&A with focus on:  What to do if on the “Avoid Diet”,  the MIND Diet and Dementia Prevention, fermented foods, and the ketogenic diet — MACS, fruit and weight!  The Therapeutic Manipulation of Microbiome slide (see below) shows how microbiome nourishingly sick the Standard America Diet is.  Some call this diet void of MACs, or microbiota-accessible carbohydrates, leaving the microbiome to nosh on our carb-rich mucus gut lining, when dietary pickings get slim.  [Desai et al 2016]  This CME crowd took their first ever pass into the anaerobic world of this newly discovered organ and saw its systemic body-wide devastating health impact when the gut lining becomes compromised (see the below slide) ⇒ The next step is to learn my bolt on presentations of diet ⇔  lifestyle changes that can move this organ to health.   ♥ If you are a business (especially self insured) looking to reduce healthcare costs, CONTACT me because microbiome information is what  your employees NEED to hear to keep (or move) them off diseasespansee my SERVICES!  If you are an individual or other group wanting to hear this information,   CONTACT me to make that happen!!!  

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Fasano, FREE: Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease

SUMMARY:   Our food choices are fundamental for health.  The next Integrated Functional Medicine Grand Rounds installment with Cleveland Clinic is coming up on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Listen, for FREE as Dr. Alessio FASANO, MD speaks on How Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease.  This is an incredible opportunity officially titled:  How Early Nutrition Influences Gut Microbiome and Metabolic Profiles in Health and Disease: Shifting From a Disease-Centered Approach to Patient-Oriented Functional Medicine.  For background, I have followed Dr. Fasano’s work for ages.  He is a leading gut inflammation light who put Celiac Disease, and Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, on the map in the US when all US health agencies literally told him those were “across the pond”.  When that happens, you know you are about to make a major break thru that will ruffle lots of feathers.  He persevered, and his findings will re-write the medical books.  Those findings opened the doors for what is now understood as:  Gut permeability ⇒ immune stimulation ⇒ inflammation ⇒ gut and systemic  ramifications ⇒ autoimmune and chronic disease.   Listen in to Dr. Fasano, FREE,  Early Nutrition Influences Microbiome, Disease!

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Microbiome Awareness Conversation from Seminar

SUMMARY:  Sharing more Microbiome Awareness conversation from the May 26 seminar, so that all can benefit, even those unable to attend!  Learn great microbiome support tips!  Amaze yourself with how much you actually learned and know!  Comment if I don’t touch on your thoughts; lets continue the conversation! 

Background and more on our bio

Dana Grau and I spoke at the Microbiome Awareness Seminar.  We explained what the microbiome is and included discussion of diet and lifestyle impact to the microbiome which affects its health.  70+ percent our immunity resides in the health of the microbiome and that microbial community then plays a key role in determining your health:

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Type 2 Diabetes, diet, microbiome

Summary:  Say you use to have Type 2 Diabetes.  How?  READ this study from ITALY.  Ma-Pi 2 diet for Type 2 Diabetes WORKED.  Type 2 Diabetes, diet, microbiome; the Ma-Pi 2 diet for Type 2 Diabetes is dietary modulation of microbiome.  Although this diet BEAT the current recommended diet by Italian professional societies (CTR) consider using it short term and supplementing the diet similar to recommendations by Drs. Mark Hyman and David Ludwig noted below, with healthy fat, wild caught fish, berries, and fermented dairy (if tolerated), since the restriction of certain groups could lead to nutritional deficiencies especially vitamin B12 and calcium.   Actually, Dr. Hyman just offered his 10 Day Detox diet for FREE to the public that clarifies all the food recommended.  You can read about that at the post, JOIN DR. MARK HYMAN FREE 10 DAY DETOX CHALLENGE.  You may still be able to take advantage of this opportunity.  To clarify the carb loads for diabetes, Dr. Ruby Aujla’s Advice to Diabetes page (which is 100% in accord with Dr. Hyman’s 10 Day Detox) says,  Get your carbs from colorful plant based sources.  Even breakfast should be brimming with those!  Bread, White Rice, Pastas, White potato, Cereals (even cereals marketed as ‘wholegrain’), Instant Oats, Refined Grains, white potato are OUT.”  The Ma-Pi2 study describes in pain staking detail, microbiome wise, microbiome impact.   Talk with your doctor for Ma-Pi 2 integration with therapy.  Managing the microbiome through diet is new, grassroots, and it works.   SAVE a friend and SHARE this post. 

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Breast microbiome and Cancer Risk Assessment tool

SUMMARY:  Recent studies challenge dogma and find that healthy breast tissue is NOT sterilafter-all. The breast seems to have its own microbiome of bacteria and such seems protective; dysbiosis (REDUCED richness and/or certain species) was associated with breast cancer.   Furthermore, healthy breast tissue had bacteria  Sphingomonas yanoikuyae (Proteobacteria), which is better known to degrade pollutants in the environment. In the cancer samples, there was little to none of S. yanoikuyae; this bacteria is able to use estradiols including 17-β estradiol, which are believed to be associated with breast cancer. The authors could not determine causality due to lack of S. yanoikuyae. Learn in this post microbiome implications for breast cancer, free online breast cancer risk assessment tools, ongoing studies personalizing cancer risk for mammogram frequency to reduce false positives, and look over a decent listing for cutting your risk for breast cancer in the first place from Prevention. Included specifically on that list is carotenoid loads which I preach about, including the need to consume carotenoids with the correct healthy fat so as to absorb them. LOWFAT DOES NOT ABSORB THOSE CAROTENOIDS.

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Finally, an IBD microbiome drug goes to clinical trial

Summary:  Seres Therapeutics began its Phase 1b placebo controlled clinical trial on Dec 14, 2015, for SER-287, which is the first drug aimed at the microbiome for a non-infectious, chronic condition, ulcerative colitis (UC).  This is the first IBD microbiome drug that actually targets the constituents of the microbiome. This approach treats chronic disease without suppressing  the body’s immune response. Instead, specific strains of bacteria are introduced that re-balance the billions of different types of bacteria that are in the digestive tract, which then increases immunity and manages the disease.  Instead of being immunosuppressive, this treatment targets the root cause of UC  which is gut dysbiosis, increasing immunity. SER-287 clinical trial is currently recruiting participants if you are interested; contact information is below.

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SCD thoughts given DrOz 3 Day Cleanse, Microbiome

SUMMARY:  Finally! A peek into our trillions of innards on a 3 day fruit and vegetable blitz!  Spoiler alert:  There is NOT much impact 10 days after stopping that 3 day cleanse, microbiome resulting from healing diet tenets persist!  

And that, I think, is the lesson to be learned for the healing diets such as SCD, GAPS, PALEO, AIP, WAHLs, to name a few.  Realize, the tenets of these healing diets are for everyone if you want to prevent chronic disease, not just those with chronic disease.  These protocols increase vegetables and fruits beyond what the normal Standard American Diet (SAD) yokel is consuming and adds in healthy fats so fat soluble vitamins are actually absorbed.  This is done concomitant with ditching processed foods,  including processed sugars, and other inflammatory foods.  How powerful are these tenets?  They are healing and inducing remission in messed up impoverished gut microbiomes, and some of those folks are only 80% compliant with the diet!  Nuff said.  Shouldn’t you know what these tenets are?

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Preserve & Restore Loss of Microbiome Diversity is Aggressive Preventative Medicine

SUMMARY:  Aggressive Preventative Medicine means preserving the microbiome you have and restoring any loss incurred.  See how far that thought goes with your doctor!  Diet really does work to alter the microbiome and can help to restore loss of microbiome; for example, fermented kimchi actually positively impacted metabolic syndrome factors including systolic and diastolic blood pressures, percent body fat, fasting glucose, and total cholesterol.  

⇒⇒  This post teaches how to reduce the loss of microbiome diversity and restore such – crowding out concept.

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16S rRNA challenges healthy vaginal microbiome; ferments & coconut oil rock!

SUMMARY:   Incredulously, the latest 16S rRNA research now challenges what was thought for years to be a ‘protective,’ ‘normal,’ and healthy vaginal microbiome. Our many microbiomes ideally are “inherited” and originate from our passage through the vagina, and yet it seems a ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ vaginal microbiome has been elusive; in fact, many women have a compromised vaginal microbiome and many are asymptomatic, or perhaps not… 

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