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Move over gluten, ATI wrecks guts too.

SUMMARY.  This post looks at other ways beyond Celiac and NCGS, that wheat can affect EVERYONE and includes new groundbreaking research being presented in Vienna.  The bottom line:  Move over gluten, ATI wrecks guts too, and… we have a new picture of what the inflamed gut looks like!  ATIs, or amylase-trypsin inhibitors, are non-gluten proteins in wheat.  ATIs activate specific types of immune cells [toll-like receptor 4] in the gut and other tissues.   ATIs can trigger gut immune reactions that can spread to other tissues in the body.  How bad can this get?  “ATIs can lead to the development of inflammation in tissues beyond the gut, including the lymph nodes, kidneys, spleen and brain.   ATIs can worsen the symptoms of pre-existing inflammatory based conditions like RA, MS, asthma, lupus, IBD, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease…”   The final big hit:  “ATIs may contribute to the development of non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).”  No wonder so many feel better ditching wheat since you knock out both gluten and ATIs AND decrease inflammation not just in the gut, but systemically!  For an example, IBD and neurological  association to ATI is discussed below!  What about the  non-gluten containing staples you may be consuming?  Those displayed no or little of the toll like receptor 4 stimulating activity whereas ATIs displayed much! 

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Learn from the athletes why reduce, eliminate gluten

Summary:  This post  details why you may want to reduce, eliminate gluten.  In summary, learn that 20% of your calories now comes from wheat (that contains gluten), learn FIVE reasons why you may want to reduce it’s intake, and why so many athletes (41% in a 910 cohort survey) eat gluten-free 50 to 100% of the time (reduced fatigue and GI distress, improved performance and nutrients — OFTEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE INCREASED WHEN GLUTEN IS DECREASED, lower toxin loads,…).  Where is gluten?  In wheat, barley, rye, bulgur, couscous, farina, graham flour, kamut matzo, semolina, spelt, triticale & oats (not certified gluten-free) not to mention that gluten is  renamed  and hidden often in processed foods.

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