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Another Microbiome Introduction Presentation today!

Summary:  Looking forward to giving today’s Microbiome Introduction Presentation!  Rather amazing that many of the healing diet vegetable and fruit tenets, being micronutrient, phytonutrient, and antioxidant rich AND containing fiber that actually nourishes the microbiome, follow the vegetable and fruit recommendations from the cancer centers like Dana-Farber Brigham Women’s!  Bonus of the healing diets is that they contain healthy fats that permit the absorption of those necessary food components!

Why must you attend a Microbiome Introduction Presentation?

Learn to use your beasties to increase your immune system function, decrease pro-inflammatory disease microbiome status, and increase anti-inflammatory microbiome status!  Feel, move, and think great!

How do you see an “Microbiome Introduction” presentation?  

Contact me! There’s more on the calendar!

I work with individuals, small groups, and corporations!

Learn what seriously harms or benefits your microbiome from the food you are eating!

Managing your diet and lifestyle to optimize the microbiome means adding in certain foods as well as eliminating others.  One diet elimination is emulsifiers since they destroy the gut lining.  Emulsifiers erode the gut lining, change the composition of the microbiome to pro-inflammatory, and cause those bacteria to infiltrate the mucosal lining.  The damage emulsifiers cause to the microbiome and immune system response to them (in mice for now), are linked to IBD in those predisposed and in those with normal functioning immune system, emulsifiers cause inflammation that looks like Metabolic Syndrome.  Metabolic Syndrome currently affects 40% of the US population!  Read more on emulsifiers here.

Catch a “Microbiome Introduction” presentation!  It is time to look deep into what is in your foods, what is missing from your diet, and understand that food components have real impact on the state of your microbiome being pro-inflammatory disease prone, or anti-inflammatory and healthy.

For the Employee or Individual

Microbiome awareness is disease prevention and management of chronic and autoimmune disease that can include total elimination of medications.

Many individuals, following an “Introduction to the Microbiome” presentation, prefer a sliding scale monthly retainer arrangement that conveniently permits text and calling access for prompt response.

Clients access FUN, EASY tools — because seeing is believing, and understanding causes diet and lifestyle change:

  • Your dietary relative proportions of meat, diary, grains, nuts, fruits, vegs, and processed food — SEE your personal carb, fat, protein intake.
  • Your dietary levels of MAC fiber — those carbs fuel your microbiome, and
  • Take Quizzes investigating your nutrient density and digestion.


SAVE MONEY.  Bring microbiome awareness to employees. 

Employers see document-able whole healthcare cost spending savings and employee performance improvement including cognition that goes to the bottom line! 

Educating employees about microbiome reduces healthcare cost spending by overcoming the increasing medical consumer index.  You have no control over the increasing medical consumer index except to bend the utilization demand curve to offset the increased medical consumer price index.  Microbiome educated employees decrease the utilization demand curve by keeping healthy employees healthy, stopping the onset of future disease with the aging workforce, and moving diseased employees off the need for MANY healthcare services because their immune system functions better ⇒ MANY can reduce, if not eliminate, medications!

Employer BIGGEST BONUS is employee performance improvement both in cognition and well-being because a healthy microbiome means a healthy brain, body, and increased energy!

Best in health through awareness,


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