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Summary:  This post give A FEW INDEX CARD RECIPES FOR WHOLE FOODS. Snip and save!  I get it.  You don’t know how to cook or bake, but you know you have to figure this out.  Or maybe you are a genius in the kitchen, but…  Whoever heard of coconut flour, rancid industrial seed oils, grass-fed or pastured animals and animal by-products, or of soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes for proper preparation to neutralize the inflammatory compounds inherent within these foods that is so disease promoting?  And… that listing is just a few incidentals of Whole Food preparation!  Don’t despair.  Most “Whole Food” foodies did not know how to cook using such ingredients and techniques at the beginning either as ALL of us were unfamiliar with such!  To help get you started, here are some index cards, but there’s more posted on the website (see below for how to locate those), and on my  Pinterest!

For RECIPES posted on the website,

Go to the “The Science Behind Food and Disease” section located in the right sidebar.  Its location is circled below!  Use the drop down menu and scroll down to the R’s, for RECIPES!  Select beverages, breads/crackers, poultry, fish, nuts, quinoa, and so much more…!  You can also link to my Pinterest, for even more family/friend tested great Whole Foods/SCD/PALEO/… recipes!

Just a few “techniques” you’ll learn:  WAPF soaking, sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating, what’s up with A1 vs A2 casein cows and why you should care, how to choose naturally lactose-free dairy (there are so many great nutritious choices IF you tolerate the casein, be it A1 or A2), the why of enamel dutch-ovens and cast-iron skillets, how to live without Teflon coated pans (eggs really can slide off stainless steel skillets, and I’ll show you the how-to’s), why you want lead free dishware and crock-pots, why you want to store and microwave food with no plastics, and so much more…

A bonus here… check out the below slide for what “Eating Whole Food” really looks like.  That’s why you need to understand proper preparation and food quality.

Scroll through the recipes above; the directions incorporate the proper preparation techniques for ensuring the food is the most easily digestible!   It is easy to cook Whole Foods once learned!

Pinterest, Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC has more Whole Food recipes broken down by category such as:
                1. breakfast,
                2. meat and poultry,
                3. seafood,
                4. soup and bone broth,
                5. salad dressings,
                6. side dishes,
                7. dessert,
                8. condiments, and
                9. holiday menu…

This makes it easy and takes the guesswork out of cooking from scratch only to find the food not liked or enjoyed by you, your family, or your guests.  Only those recipes that pass my family and friends tests are included.

An added bonus:  This saves you  an incredible amount of money for food not eaten especially recognizing that eating Whole Foods uses costly ingredients.  It also saves you the time invested in trial and error of many recipes since unfortunately, I find most not good enough to repeat making.  Check out Pinterest, Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC.

Hope you enjoy the Whole Food and ease of preparing  delicious, great, EASY recipes using recipes posted on this website and Pinterest, Biome Onboard Awareness, LLC !

If you come across recipes you’d like me to try, just share the links!

Bon appétit!


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