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2nd Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival

Summary:  Just sharing a fun educational event, that literally could change your health, wellness, and vitality, occurring this Sunday, February 26, 2017, in Pittsburgh should you be nearby.  The FREE event is the SECOND Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival or read the Ferment Festival Facebook page.  I’ll be attending and talking about how ferment consumers and vendors can become a cohort for upcoming American Gut fermenting microbiome studies!  Last year I profiled many for participation and if you missed that, but still want in, or to ask me ANY question on microbiome, ferments, diet, and health, stop by my table and let’s catch up!  Added onto this year’s Ferment Festival…  attend the potluck night Saturday night!   BONUS:  See below for Cleveland Clinic, “5 Reasons You Should Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet.”  Share this post to pass on the info!

2nd Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival, WHEN & WHERE?!?
 Sunday at 11 AM – 6 PM
5 days from now 




242 51ST STREET, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

From the SECOND Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival (event page) or read the Ferment Festival Facebook page.

The 2nd annual Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival is on and just as good or even better than ever! EVER! with the addition of a Saturday night potluck [Feb. 25th]!

But SUNDAY the 26th is …….. FREE and ALL AGES !

Get ready for …
– Contests
– Small, Local Vendors!
– A kimchi reenactment
– mascots?
– Food!
– Drink
– Learning
– Making
– Fermenting
– Mothers
– Bacteria
– Spores!
– Yeasts
I could go on and on and on

Check out the Pittsburgh Fermentation Festival Facebook page! or the event page!

If you are interested in taking part in the fermented food contest – which anyone and everyone should partake in – all you need to do is bring in you homemade ferment (it can be from a book) and fill out a simple form and bam! You’re in!

Why should you consume ferments?

Below, Cleveland Clinic explains 5 Reasons You Should Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet…  Don’t worry… This doesn’t mean you have to eat lacto-fermented pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner for gut health!  The byproducts of fermentation (and thus the benefits) vary depending on the type of food that is being fermented — whether it’s cabbage or cheese.

  1.  You can’t digest your food alone. Good bacteria help break down what your body can’t. This fermenting and metabolizing results in other substances that are beneficial.

Did you know? Insoluble fiber (found in whole grains) is good for you — but it’s not easily fermented.  So it doesn’t really contribute to diversity of your gut microbiota, or good bacteria. For a diverse gut microbiota, you need plenty of soluble fiber (think: dried beans, oats, oranges).

2.  The good bacteria fight the bad – and usually win! Every day, you swallow pathogenic, or disease causing, bacteria.  But you don’t (always) get sick from it because your tiny microscopic helpers take care of it through various victory strategies.

Did you know? Good bacteria create acidic fermentation byproducts – which lower your intestine’s pH, decreasing the
chance for bacteria to survive. They also compete for food
supply and squatting rights on your intestinal lining. Plus,
they secrete antimicrobial proteins that kill off bad bacteria.

3.  Your body needs help making certain vitamins. Good bacteria are to thank for synthesizing, or producing, many fat-soluble vitamins.

Did you know? The list of vitamins you have to thank probiotic
bacteria for includes vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, & K.

4.  A healthy body needs balance. It’s true. Tiny bacteria living in your intestines that you can’t see with your naked eye can have a full-body effect.

Research shows a less diverse gut microbiota is associated with many chronic diseases.

Did you know?  Obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma  and chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid
arthritis and lupus are all linked to having fewer good bacteria
in your gut.  Research is still ongoing into exactly why.

5.  Help restore your gut health after taking antibiotics.
Ever had diarrhea or other intestinal problems while taking antibiotics? That’s because – while sometimes necessary – antibiotics destroy not only bad bacteria, they also wipe out the good bacteria that keep us healthy.

Did you know? Eating fermented foods (or taking probiotic supplements) will help restore your gut health to normal within a week or so after finishing treatment. Just be sure to eat a diet high in fiber and plant-based foods, which gut microbes flourish on. [Ummm…. actually research is ongoing to learn how our guts restore microbiome and the degree to which such returns to pre-antibiotic state.}\]

Here is a great summary description of various ferment bacteria.

lightbulb2Come out and learn what all the news about microbiome and ferments is all about!!!  Your gut will thank you!!!

Best in health through awareness!





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